February 8, 2007

Haha look at this…i dont get it what is the point? well neways this blogging thing gets pretty adictive, even if you have absolutely nothing to say, and i dont. well neways i wish that more people would look at my blog though. Its so boring whenever you never get comments (thank you mr amico and renee :] ) So yeah i really like this striky thingy but i dont much like the font. O well. i dont know what im doing this weekend…prolly helping my mom plant a garden..i know oodles of fun! well yeah my class doesnt start for another 30 minutes i wonder if i could really just bs a blog for thirty minutes…that’d be a long blog. i bet no one would read it. it would be more likely, i suppose, for someone to read my blog if i was actually saying anything important, but , once again, im not. well i dont know 28 minutes to go. I can do this right. well i would like to have a pictionary tournament tomorrow, so anyone is welcome. itll probably be held in the art hall way around 11 or 1130 so just let me know if you wanna come. im getting really bored and its only been one minute. i dont know what else to say, but everyone who knows me knows that i can talk forever. so here goes just 26 more minutes. i wonder how hard this is gonna be to read whenever i actually post it. did you guys know that i dont know if i have a best friend. you know, im always telling people that they are my best friend. So does that mean that i have lots of best friends or none. i mean best (superlative form of good), i would think, points to one person. I suppose that my best friend would have to be mille (camille) but im not sure how well she cherishes her position. and when was the last time that she came to my house. like a long time ago. well i dont know. i guess id just rather have lots of really great friends instead of a best friend. gahhh im really running out of things to say and whos gonna read it for this long anyways. you know when i was little i always wanted to write a book. but now i dont know if i actually could. or if i did if it would be any good. ive started like three different books. one i think got to be like thirty pages long. second semester next year im probably gonna take a creative writing class at the college where we write narratives, and short stories, even a play! well i dont know. i really want to but its gonna be really hard. bla bla bla bla bla. i’ll just see if anyone comments on the previous sentence, because this is a heck of a long blog. i doubt anyone would actually read all of this…hogwash. hogwash is a good word. i think ill look up the definition and possibly some synonyms of hogwash… hogwash is meaningless or insincere talk, writing, etc.; nonsense; bunk. Synonyms of hogwash are…absurdity, balderdash*, baloney*, bilge, bull*, bunk*, debris, drivel*, eyewash, foolishness, hokum, hooey*, horsefeathers*, piffle, poppycock*, refuse, ridiculousness, rot, rubbish, trash, twaddle* twaddle what a word. and piffle. ive really never heard of these. well only 15 minutes left but i really think its been long enough. hope you’ve had fun reading all the hokum…


only a joke

February 5, 2007

well yeah i was of course just kidding about the whole mr amicos class thing. i im glad im not in his class and never have to see him…just kidding just because he hates me doesnt mean i hate him…besides i was talking to emilio. (inside joke that most of you will never get). So this whole blog thing isnt that thrilling. well neways while the 1220 class that i was once a part of is slaving away in English class, i am now on break. have a nice day cuz i might find something a little more entertaining to do on this site.

i know im not in his class

January 25, 2007

there seems to be some misunderstanding. i realize that i am no longer in mr amicos class, hence my display name. well i will continue to attend his class if i so choose. i desire to learn, so dont give me “that”