only a joke

well yeah i was of course just kidding about the whole mr amicos class thing. i im glad im not in his class and never have to see him…just kidding just because he hates me doesnt mean i hate him…besides i was talking to emilio. (inside joke that most of you will never get). So this whole blog thing isnt that thrilling. well neways while the 1220 class that i was once a part of is slaving away in English class, i am now on break. have a nice day cuz i might find something a little more entertaining to do on this site.


4 Responses to “only a joke”

  1. Mr. Amico Says:

    Are you making fun of my Blog?

  2. examicostudent Says:

    no of course not why in the world would i do that! I LOVE BLOGGING! lol no this is fun and a pretty original idea. kudos to mr amico!

  3. reneemarvin Says:


  4. examicostudent Says:

    what did i do to deserve this! I LOVE YOU TOO RENEE! Well anyways i quite enjoy blogging, and a lot more so whenever someone comments me…its like a lame version of myspace. what do you have to say about that one mr amico- better get on the defensive for you precious blogging. just kidding!

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