Haha look at this…i dont get it what is the point? well neways this blogging thing gets pretty adictive, even if you have absolutely nothing to say, and i dont. well neways i wish that more people would look at my blog though. Its so boring whenever you never get comments (thank you mr amico and renee :] ) So yeah i really like this striky thingy but i dont much like the font. O well. i dont know what im doing this weekend…prolly helping my mom plant a garden..i know oodles of fun! well yeah my class doesnt start for another 30 minutes i wonder if i could really just bs a blog for thirty minutes…that’d be a long blog. i bet no one would read it. it would be more likely, i suppose, for someone to read my blog if i was actually saying anything important, but , once again, im not. well i dont know 28 minutes to go. I can do this right. well i would like to have a pictionary tournament tomorrow, so anyone is welcome. itll probably be held in the art hall way around 11 or 1130 so just let me know if you wanna come. im getting really bored and its only been one minute. i dont know what else to say, but everyone who knows me knows that i can talk forever. so here goes just 26 more minutes. i wonder how hard this is gonna be to read whenever i actually post it. did you guys know that i dont know if i have a best friend. you know, im always telling people that they are my best friend. So does that mean that i have lots of best friends or none. i mean best (superlative form of good), i would think, points to one person. I suppose that my best friend would have to be mille (camille) but im not sure how well she cherishes her position. and when was the last time that she came to my house. like a long time ago. well i dont know. i guess id just rather have lots of really great friends instead of a best friend. gahhh im really running out of things to say and whos gonna read it for this long anyways. you know when i was little i always wanted to write a book. but now i dont know if i actually could. or if i did if it would be any good. ive started like three different books. one i think got to be like thirty pages long. second semester next year im probably gonna take a creative writing class at the college where we write narratives, and short stories, even a play! well i dont know. i really want to but its gonna be really hard. bla bla bla bla bla. i’ll just see if anyone comments on the previous sentence, because this is a heck of a long blog. i doubt anyone would actually read all of this…hogwash. hogwash is a good word. i think ill look up the definition and possibly some synonyms of hogwash… hogwash is meaningless or insincere talk, writing, etc.; nonsense; bunk. Synonyms of hogwash are…absurdity, balderdash*, baloney*, bilge, bull*, bunk*, debris, drivel*, eyewash, foolishness, hokum, hooey*, horsefeathers*, piffle, poppycock*, refuse, ridiculousness, rot, rubbish, trash, twaddle* twaddle what a word. and piffle. ive really never heard of these. well only 15 minutes left but i really think its been long enough. hope you’ve had fun reading all the hokum…


12 Responses to “Bored”

  1. Mr. Amico Says:

    That is horsefeathers!

  2. examicostudent Says:

    please you probably didnt even read it all…but i woudlnt expect you to. it would take too long!

  3. healtheland Says:

    I felt it best that I reply to you here. My words were harsh? They were not meant to be. My words lacked love? My intent was filled with love! Let me make something clear to you. It is not my religion, nor my beliefs, but rather my BIBLE that says that all who fail to pass judgment will spend an eternity in unparalled torment in the lake of fire. I choose to believe my Bible. So my way of loving people is getting them to believe my Bible so that they will be spared an eternity in the lake of fire. I strive to do so respectfully and without deception or coercion, but I will never abandon, compromise, or alter the goal, because the stakes – where a person’s soul will spend eternity – are too high. In what manner do you choose to love people? And in what way is it superior to mine? Thank you.

  4. Peter Amico Says:

    looks like you found a bible friend šŸ˜‰ I think he loves you

  5. examicostudent Says:

    i would not like to say that my way of loving is superior to anyone elses i just think that i am somewhat more tolerant…true the stakes are very high but i know from what very little experience that i have had that you cant scare people into believing “your bible” and it is in fact their job to interpret what YOU present to them in Gods love and not your own otherwise its all in vain.

  6. healtheland Says:

    Scaring people? Well, truthfully, that is what we are supposed to be doing. That is CERTAINLY what Yeshua HaMashiach and His apostles and disciples did. A lot of the power of what is written in the Bible is lost to us because we are not aware of the times and culture. But come on, John writing about the billions who will die during the great tribulation is not scary? If not, Revelation 21 when he says that all who are not written in the Book of Life will be cast into the lake of fire for eternity should be! And then there was this great scene in the gospels; I think that it was the Gospel of John, where Yeshua HaMashiach was invited to the home of one of the religious leaders, and he sat in their very home and told them to their faces that they were evil, that they would never change, and because of that they were going to spend eternity in the lake of fire! Now don’t you think that hearing this person who has been going around your country working mighty miracles that had never before been done in the history of the world telling someone that they are going to spend eternity in the lake of fire was just a little bit scary?

    And I also have to tell you; if you want to hear or read some scary preaching, do an Internet search on John Edwards (NOT the presidential candidate!), Cotton Mather, Smith Wigglesworth, and some of those other old time preachers. The truth is that we don’t have the old – time fire and brimstone preachers anymore; our current culture has so turned away from God and His Righteousness and Truth and has become so tolerant of sin and evil that even the so – called fundamentalist evangelical Bible – thumpers won’t abide preaching like that anymore. It used to be that if the preacher said something that offended you, then it would motivate you to change. Now, if the preacher says something that offends you, then it motivates you to change the preacher! I remember going to a church that I was attending a couple of years ago, and the preacher prefaced his sermon by saying that after preaching this sermon, the local denominational leaders would fire him. He went on and gave one of the best sermons that I have heard in my life, and let me tell you I have heard a lot of them! And sure enough, he was fired, because the local denominational leaders are very liberal, the church is located in a very liberal city, and they were deeply offended at his getting up there in THEIR CHURCH (for they do consider it their building on their land that they own, as belonging to the denomination and not to God) and speaking the truth of God’s Word. We met on this Angry Black Woman website; that crowd has a slogan from the black radical movement called “speaking truth to power.” Well, this guy was speaking THE ONLY REAL TRUTH, God’s Word, and wanting to fill people with REAL POWER, the Holy Spirit, with it, and they fired him for it. This was a man who was not happy with allowing people to die in their sins and go to the lake of fire for eternity, and he was fired by people who either do not love God or His People and have no problem with people dying in their sins, or they do not believe God’s Word and do not believe that there is even such a thing as sin or punishment anymore. I want to be more like that guy who lost his job and position because of his love for God and the Truth, a person whom the Bible says will finish last in this temporary life but will be counted as first in the eternal next. Who do you wish to be more like?

  7. examicostudent Says:

    i must say that i love how you always end off with a question to ensure a reply…way to keep me hanging. condsidering that we are completely equal because we are in God’s eyes and that neither of our methods of sharing are superior, for the sake of a controversy free environment, i would have to say that i wouldnt choose to be more like a “fire and brimstone preacher.” have you ever considered that we dont have the same audience as they did then. im not sure how old you are but as a christian in a highschool environment i am very aware of the audiences of now and the future. they dont want to hear “you’re going to hell unless you repent from your wicked ways.” they dont want to hear “God despises your actions, and right now you look to him like filthy rags.” and so we might choose this approach…”you’ve heard jesus loves you since you were a child. now lets make this real.” we might use the technology we have to show clips from the passion of the christ. we might say “God knows what you’ve done, even what you never told anyone. and if that makes you ashamed then it shouldnt because the truth as you have just seen it simulated is that jesus loves you more than you can imagine more than anyone here ever could.” i know kids who are already drinking smoking having sex…my generation wants to be loved, as they are. which is what our Jesus offers. and the fact is people who are set in their way, no matter what you say, cant make a real change if they are scared into making a descision. it requires a heart change a change catalyzed by the love of our God…this is my philosophy, and its changed a great deal since starting highschool. i know people may think that ive compromised my standards but God knows best, and tell me where you think God wouldnt back me up on this…although im not saying your points werent perfectally accurate to them. anyways my point is that the fire and brimstone spook people into being christians obviously didnt work so well or else it would still be widely practiced, the same way as the inquisition and the killing the indians didnt work and was eventually discontinued. they had the wrong idea, and it is still possible for us to do the same. and i find that there are many more mentions of love and heart change in the bible than Jesus saying that you are evil and i condemn you or than he talked about people going to hell so blatantly as you lead me to believe. well thats all i have

  8. examicostudent Says:

    also check your dashboard ive commented you all over the place…

  9. healtheland Says:


    Thank you for your many comments. Well, this goes back to the old question concerning conversion. How does it take place? And what is the difference between a true conversion and a false one? Now I have to admit to you, I am not particularly experienced at this Christianity thing; I was a fake Christian for most of my life and have only recently begun seeking to be a real one. But from what I have seen, read, and personally observed, people who try to come up with all of these various methods to win converts are working with their own ability and strength; working in the flesh. The result of that is they mislead a lot of people regarding what Christianity truly is, and because of that many of the “decisions for Christ” that they produce either backslide or go after false doctrine. Why? Because the foundation that these people have is the misleading message that they were given when they were urged to convert, and that foundation is on sand.

    But a true evangelist? He does not pass out sand, he passes out foundations of ROCK. A true evangelist does not try to win converts and enlarge the kingdom of Heaven by defiled works that emanate from his own corrupt – though well meaning but corrupt still – flesh. Instead, a true evangelist is submissive and obedient to the Holy Spirit and the message of the Bible, and has faith that Holy Spirit will do the converting. They tell you that “You can’t save everybody.” That is not true. The truth is that you can’t save ANYBODY. You have noticed and commented on how I use the Hebrew name for Jesus as often as possible; Yeshua. What is the English translation of Yeshua? GOD SAVES! It isn’t “because of me MAN can save”, it is “GOD SAVES!”

    So, as a true evangelist, your only job is to A) live the truth and B) preach the truth. Sadly, it is very possible to do B) without A), but fortunately it is impossible to do A) without B)! Realize this: the school that you attend, the neighborhood that you live and hang out in, and the friends that you have; God chose them for you for a reason; God put you there for a reason, and that reason is to preach His Word. Now if you go trying to preach your word or use your own techniques and gimmicks that you come up with, then if you fail, then it is on you because if it is you they are rejecting. But guess what; even if you succeed you still lose because it is you, the works of your own creativity and effort, that they are accepting. But if you just stick to the same gospel that has been being preached for 2000 years, then if they accept what you are saying, then you win because they are accepting GOD, not you. If they reject what you are saying, then you still win, because as God told Samuel when Israel sinned by asking for a king, they are not rejecting you but God! You will have won because whether your target accepts the gospel or not, you will have done your job by preaching it to him, and as a result on judgment day that person will be unable to claim to God that he never heard the true gospel. On his ledger sheet in the negative will be that he heard the gospel from YOU and turned away, and on your ledger sheet in the positive will be that you preached to him. Get this: whether the person accepts the gospel or not, your reward is the same, because again, it isn’t your job to convert people. That is God’s job. It is your job to preach the truth so that A) they can be converted and B) if they are converted, then they are converted into the truth, and not some fake false religious movement (which in case you noticed I have spent a lot of time attacking and trying to expose on my weblog). So realize this: if you do the job that God gave you, then you cannot fail. But if you do anything else, you cannot succeed.

    Again, as to whether they accept God through his gospel (His Son), you have nothing to do with that. You should not try to delude, seduce, mislead, or trick people into doing so. That is very similar to the sin of witchcraft, and also what black folks in my part of the country call “roots” magic, which is very similar to voodoo or black magic; trying to subversively control people and deprive them of their free will, a free choice. Not even God tries to deprive people of a free choice. Instead, he rewards people (Heaven) or punishes them (the lake of fire) based on the choice that they choose. Do not think that you can pull the wool over someone’s eyes by allowing them to think that they can be a Christian and continue to live in sin. People who do that are called false prophets, and there is special torment reserved in the lake of fire for them (read Revelation, its’ true)!.

    And again, you really cannot be discouraged by the reality that the hearts of people are not receptive to the gospel. First of all, people are much more receptive to the gospel in America than they are in other countries, not even Islamic or communist countries, but even in secular humanist western countries like France. Second: study the history of Christianity, and the current state of Christianity. For a long part of the history of Christianity, the church did all they could to prevent average people from even owning Bibles. Now, a great many churches do all they can to prevent people who own Bibles from reading them! For that reason, a lot of your friends and family members who might call themselves Christians are just as much in need of hearing the gospel from someone who studies their Bible every day and loves God’s Word as their own as are people who never stepped inside a church. Third: these times were prophesied in the Bible, when people would harden their hearts to the truth, would be willing to believe a lie, and would seek after the wicked imaginations of their own hearts. Yeshua HaMashiach said Himself that in the last days before His return, it would be as it was in the days of Noah. Read Genesis chapter 6; in the days of Noah the thoughts of men were only evil continually! So yeah, preaching the true gospel in a time when the thoughts of men are only evil continually is going to be hard, but you still have to do it.

    Now look, you may be right. Maybe my approach would not work in your environment, and God has given you an approach that will work better in the place that He has put you in to succeed. But whatever your approach is, make sure that it is the gospel. And the gospel is simple. You are a sinner because you were born in sin. You have sinned because you have broken the Ten Commandments. The penalty of your sin is death, and it must be paid. It will either be paid by you by virtue of the eternal destruction of your spirit man in the lake of fire, or you can allow the death of Yeshua HaMashiach, God in the flesh, to take the place of your own death. Now there are plenty of great ways to portray that message; some of them can be found on (and another one of their sites is And there are a great many ways to defend the truth of that message using logic, theology, ethics, history, etc., and a great site for that is, another is, and a third is I freely admit, I am new to this and refer to such myself all the time. But the message cannot change. If it does, it will only be to the hurt of whoever hears the message, and – ultimately – to your own hurt on judgment day.

    I will cease my unethical tactic ending my posts with a question – manipulation is not the way of the Christian! – and just bid you good day, and God speed!

  10. Mr. Amico Says:

    good for you. I really appreciate your comments. You have a lot of wisdom for a high school kid. I hope you don’t fall into the lake of fire method of converting and stick with love. Love wins.

  11. examicostudent Says:

    Hey Mr. Amico, sorry i havnt been on in a long time but really that means a lot to me for you to say that. i know its always really hard to find a balance between tolerance and standing up for what you know is right. it might take me a while yet to figure it out. = )

  12. examicostudent Says:

    hey healtheland i didnt mean it sarcasticly when i said i like the way you end your blogs with a question it was just a little quirky is all. well anyway you make some very valid points and i guess we’re both learning…i have no problem with your “method” for lack of a better term, but it is like we both know: certain methods wont work in certain places. if you value your life you wouldnt go out to the ghetto and tell them theyre all going to hell if they dont shape up. likewise you wouldnt go up to some snobby rich people and compare a relationship with jesus to a drug addiction. you never change the message, you just modify it somewhat. my point, though, is that you dont have to ever intimidate people (ie lake of fire lake of fire lake of fire!!!!) i know and they know that hell is very hot, so why not just say hell. in context i see no problem with doing so. well anyways im not really thinking on my toes today…im very tired but still feel free to respond if you like….

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